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*Friendship is Magic*

Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara BBs

Even MORE bline bag figurines! This time Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara! Wonder if these will be part of another three-figurine set like the Mane 6? If they do one for each of the Cutie Mark Crusaders as well that would be NEATO.


(Source: mlparena.com)

Photo Finish Blind Bag

Just a little update, but it seems a Photo Finish BB figure was found on eBay today! I really like these show accurate BB sets they’re doing!


(Source: mlparena.com)

New Hoity Toity BB & Others

Some new Blind Bag figures were spotted on ebay recently, including a Hoity Toity! He’ll most likely be in a special three pack like the others.


There are also a bunch of new BBs too, including ones with… facial expressions!

Seems like a new BB theme will be clear body with solid hair:


What do you guys thinks? Do you like the new BB and the Hoity Toity?

New So Soft Newborn, BB Set w/ Spa Pony, & Wonderbolts

Got some interesting new toys coming out soon!

First we have a brand new So Soft Newborn character. Her name is Princess Skyla and she seems like a baby version of Princess Cadence:


Next up we have a new Blind Bag three figurine “Spa Set.” This one has Pinkie Pie, Zecora and a spa pony who has been given the name Lotus Blossom:


Finally we have some interesting BB Wonderbolts. These are see through/ crystal versions of two different Wonderbolt ponies:


What do you guys think of these new toys? Planning on buying any?

New White Celestia ~ Brushable

A new White Celestia was found on TaoBao. Hopefully it’s legit and not a prototype/ factory error/ Frankenpony.

She’s a brushable, with molded wings, and has the gem shaped glare in her eye that seems to be common for Crystal Empire ponies:


(Source: mlparena.com)

Official Plushies, New Applejack, & Rainbow Dash

A few new finds today!

First, it seems like Hasbro will be releasing some official FiM plushies to the toy world. These arrived at a Target, and their estimated release date is July 29:


Secondly, a strange new Applejack was seen on TaoBao. It seems like she may be from the upcoming Crystal Empire line. A bit in her eye is shaped like a jewel, All four of her legs are movable, she has a new glittery design on one her legs, and a more simplistic cutie mark:

And finally, a translucent Rainbow Dash was also spotted:

And just for kicks here is a Twilight Sparkle with a crystal shaped eye glare as well:

Translucent/ Glittery Pinkie Pie

A new Pinkie Pie was found on TaoBao. She is translucent like the Rarity/ Fluttershy that was found, BUT she also has glitter all over her body:

Keep in mind this could be a prototype of some kind! I’m not really feeling the glitter, so I really hope for Hasbro’s sake it is and they’ll make it look better when she’s released.

Who’d you guys buy glittery Pinkie Pie, or any pony that was glittery?

(Source: mlparena.com)

New Set ~ Princess Luna, Celestia and Cadence

A new Crystal Empire set showed up. This set has Princess Luna (in the Princess Cadence mold), Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence. All of their wings seem to be glittery which must be where the “crystal” part comes into play.

Do you guys like this set? Would you buy it?

(Source: mlparena.com)

FiM Collector Set ~ Release Date & Preorder

The Toys R’ Us exclusive FiM Collection set that contains Nightmare Moon, Trixie, Vinyl Scratch, and other ponies has been put up for pre-order on TRU’s website. The release date for this is set August 15 and is being sold for $39.99. They also put a photo up of the set MIB! You can pre-order at this link.

What do you guys think this new set? Will you be buying it?

(Source: mlparena.com)

Vinyl Scratch, Lemon Hearts, new Rarity and new BBs.

Lots of new pictures of newer ponies have been spotted on auction sites!

First up is a close up of the new Vinyl Scratch that will be coming in an exclusive Toys R Us pack with other ponies from the show! Source.

She looks really cool! Not sure about that glitter though.

Second is Lemon Hearts. Source.

She is very yellowy which I kind of really, really, love!

Remember the translucent Fluttershy? Looks like Rarity is getting a make over too! Source.

I’d love to see a better picture, I can image she’d actually look really, really pretty!

And finally some new Blind Bag ponies were found as well! At least these seem to be re-releases. Source.

So what do you guys think? Will you be getting of these ponies?

(Source: fuckyeahmlp)