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F.A.Q. Page: Frequently Asked Questions

So I get a lot of questions, and I love being able to answer them for you guys. But sometimes I get the same or similar questions, and after while it becomes very repetitive and redundant for me. This is bad, because then I don’t feel like answering your legitimate question and that’s not fair to you guys! So I thought the best way to fix that was create a F.A.Q. Page!

This is a list of some of the more popular questions I get asked, along with the answers I usually give. These are basically my opinions, and sometimes the answer I give may not even be right! If you see anything wrong with any of the answers, let me know!

Q: I’m in *insert country here* and would like to know if *insert toy/ merchandise* is located here.
A: Unfortunately I am not a walking encyclopedia for everything My Little Pony (I’m working on it!). Sometimes I will read on a website that a new wave or an anticipated item has reached a new country and I’ll make a post about it. If you’re looking for something specific from the G4 line I’d suggest going to Ponychan and making a post there. It’s totally anonymous, you don’t have to sign up or anything. It’s a bustling community, so I’m sure someone will be able to help you locate a pony. If Ponychan doesn’t work you can try the MLPTP or MLP Arena.

Q: I want sell/ buy some ponies, where is a good place to do it?
A: The best place would be eBay, especially if you’re looking for a quick sell/ buy. You can also try the MLPTP and the MLP Arena, both websites have areas for selling, buying and trading. You can also try Etsy. I’ve heard collectors having good luck in buying ponies there for cheaper than usual. Selling can be slower, however. Another good place to look for buying is at antique stores, flea markets, garage sales etc. I personally find those to be my favorite, it’s fun trying to look for that one pony in a store full of other stuff.

Q: What are some websites for styling/ customizing ponies?
A: After a quick Google search, I find that Ponyland Press as a great section for styling hair. It lists a few different styles and a basic, natural look. As for customs, Aikarin has quite a few tutorials in a start to finish format for you to learn how to start!

Q: What are some websites for IDing ponies or general information?
A: The best website out there for G1 information is Dream Valley. There is a complete list of US G1s, as well as a nearly complete international G1 list. They also have a G1 ID page. There is partial information about G2s and G3s. For a complete G2 list and information try Rainbow Forest. Silverfall’s Ponytopia has information and pictures of G3s from 2003-2007. Strawberry Reef  updates frequently for G3s, G3.5s and G4s pictures and info. Equestria Daily updates every day with stuff and info about G4s and Friendship is Magic. If you are interested in talking with and making friends with other collectors, the message boards MLPTP and MLP Arena are wonderful. They will also help with any questions you might have that you can’t find. Ponychan is also helpful with G4/ Friendship is Magic as well chatting with collectors/ bronies.