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*Friendship is Magic*

New Blind Bad Ponies

A new wave of blind bag ponies have been announced. This set is pretty interesting, and seem to be very spring like. The bags and cards are yellow and it seems like the ponies will have softer colors, but it may just be the photos themselves.

First up, Trixie and Lyra are back! And this time… they’re named Trixie and Lyra! Sort of. It’s actually Trixie Lulamoon and Lyra Heartstrings but the fact they’re using a fan name in an official name is… AWESOME

They also have a new alicorn mold for Celestia, Luna and Cadence!

She’s white!

The new wave includes the Mane 6 along with some other repeats and new ponies! Check out the post on EquestriaDaily for more pictures!

What do you guys think of the new Blind Bags?